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“I couldn’t believe how wonderful they looked when they were delivered back to me…soft as butter and the color restored to their original beauty. The fringe on one of the smaller ones (which one of my cats unfortunately enjoyed chewing on) is finally white again was white again. David explained the cleaning process to me and it certainly works. The rugs were back on the floor in less than ten days. I will definitely be calling you again.”
“I appreciate the great service you have been giving me. I'll let you know when the rugs can be delivered. This whole remodeling process is much worse than I ever could have imagined...dust everywhere, I'm so glad I sent the rugs out to you for cleaning. I'll have more to clean after the first of the new year. I'll either email you directly or call you. Thanks Gaytha.”
“I had no problem spending over $5,000 at Oriental Rug Care. I had numerous rugs cleaned at a great cost. I was a first time customer and by the time I got my rugs delivered, I knew I was going to be a lifetime customer. I was so happy with the several types of services I received. I was treated like royalty over the phone and when I met the technicians who came to pick up my rugs, I was treated like no other company had ever treated me. My concerns and questions were all explained carefully and to the fullest...........”

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