Rug Repair Service

Rug Repair and Restoration

Rug Repair and Restoration Ft. Lauderdale is just one of the many things we are known for. You have found this page because you have done a search for a company that does rug repair or restoration. We have 32 years worth of proof in our repair videos, located right here on our website, that will show you our extremely talented rug weavers that can perform a variety of rug repair work and color correction on any rug.

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Rug Repair & Restoration Service

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Rug Repair and Restoration Service

Rug Cleaning Service

Oriental rug cleaning is what we do all day long but over the years the rug industry has slightly changed. In today's time, most of the rugs are still made out of wool, silk, or even a combination of the two. The only thing that has really changed is the design...


Rug Color Correction Service

Rug Color Correction Ft. Lauderdale is the service that we take great pride in doing. Our team of rug restoration experts can perform a variety of repair work to get the results you are hoping for. Call us today and let us help you restore the life back into your rug....


Pet Odor & Stain Removal Service

Pet Odor Removal Ft. Lauderdale is a term that is used in most internet searches to find a company that removes odor from rugs. We are the company that accomplishes that task each and everytime. We offer a guarantee pet odor removal process that we are very proud...


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